How to Start a Blog

WordPress Step by Step Setup Guide

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You either have decided or are looking to start a blog, first of all congratulations. There are many blogs out there and in recent years blogs have changed the lives of many people.

Hopefully if you are looking to start a blog it will have a major positive outcome on your life as well.

You maybe wondering why is a financial site offering a guide on how to setup a website.

We have setup many websites over the years, so we are very familiar with the process, and we like to share our knowledge.

The other reason is that operating a website is also a great side hustle that has the potential to generate significant.

Many individuals start with a website and turn it into their sole source of income. The additional income can be used to tackle outstanding debt.

We are big believers in blogs. As a result, we decided to create this guide to help others get started. Therefore, we hope our guide will be both helpful and informative.

What will you need to get started

  • Domain name
  • Hosting account (We suggest Bluehost)
  • About a 30 minutes of your day to get everything setup and running

Domain name

A domain name is basically your online address, it’s your name or name of your company. Before you get started setting up your blog you will need to register the name of your blog.

When someone types in it will take you to your website. There are many places you can get domain name.

We suggest Godaddy, here is why. Their software/interface is easy to use. Additionally, many web hosts offer a free domain name registration when you sign up with them. The web host we suggest offers that option, if you don’t want to register a domain name separately.

Also you can often find Godaddy coupons which reduce the cost of the domain name. listed below are a couple godaddy coupons. A new domain name usually costs around $10.00

They also have a great support/help system in place if you need help related to your domain name.

Godaddy Coupons

Promo Code  – Type of Discount

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Web Hosting

When you purchase web hosting, you are leasing space on an server which keeps your web site online. Your domain name is directed to your website/web host, which is how everything is connected.

There are many web host providers out there, the price of their service generally runs from $2 to over $1,000 a month.

The reason for the wide price range depends on a factor of items. Generally starting out, your hosting cost will be be on the lower end.

For web hosting, we suggest Bluehost. There are many different web host, but if your looking for a web host to host your worpdress blog you will want one that is running linux/php/mysql.

Which are required by wordpress. Bluehost hosting plans are on those required platforms. Bluehost through its control panel allows for the easy installation of wordpress, which is one of the reasons we recommend Bluehost.

Why wordpress

WordPress powers over 28% of all websites online, including this one. WordPress is a content management system, basically the back end platform/program that allows you to create and post content online.

One reason that wordpress is so popular is because of how easy it is to use. Granted installing and setting up wordpress can be daunting but we hope that with our guide we can make that easier.

Once installed using wordpress is very similar to using Microsoft Word, where you can create your content, add links and images to the pages through a toolbar and then click on a bottom to publish the article/page to your site.

Its that simple. No need to go through the pages editing the html and inserting the links, the wordpress platform does it all for you.

Self hosted wordpress vs hosted wordpress

WordPress is the company behind the wordpress software, they also offer a service where they host blogs for users, the service is free to start but is also very limited in terms of what they offer and restrictive. 

We believe that if your serious about your blog, then you should go with the self hosted route. Here are three reasons why

  • Complete control – You control the content, the site, the design which includes the ability to monetize your site.
  • Monetizing – The ability to make money on your site is one of the many reasons why people start blogs. Many free blog providers don’t allow you the ability to place ads on your blog.
  • Shut down fears – When hosting your site on a free provider you always worry that if they find your content objectionable that they may shut the site down. You have no recourse, you have no ability to retrieve your content. Being on your own site/hosting account/server alleviates some of those concerns.

How to Install WordPress

This following instruction to install wordpress will be using Bluehost as its web hosting provider. The screenshots and instructions will be centered around Bluehost’s control panel.

The reason that we have selected bluehost as the hosting provider is for their easy wordpress installation.

The system that they have created allows for the installation and setup of wordpress in a few clicks, they have really simplified the installation process.

Getting Started with Bluehost

You want to go to Bluehost and select a hosting account, depending on the size of the site you plan/hope to build will dictate the hosting plan you select.

For the majority of cases the Basic and Plus hosting plans should be sufficient. If you plan on hosting more then one site then go with the Plus Hosting plan.

Sign up

The sign up process is pretty simple, once you select the hosting plan it will take you to the order form. The first page you encounter is the domain page.

If you have your own domain name, just enter the domain name in the “I have a domain name” section, and click next. That will take you to the account information page.

Complete the form with your information. You can enter your credit card information directly on the site.


Once you completed your information and your order has been processed you will receive an email with your login information, where to go, what nameservers to setup and such. Print that Email for your records, that is a very helpful email.


Installing WordPress.

After you received your information, you want to login to your account at Bluehost. They have a admin/link section related to your account, from there you want to look for the section called helpful links. In the middle row there is a script installer link, click on that.

That will take to you to the following page,

Click on install on the wordpress related option, that will start the install process of wordpress on your hosting account.


The next screen you will encounter is the one where it ask you to select your domain name that you want wordpress installed on, if you have more then one domain name, you can repeat the process and install wordpress on each domain name.

As for directory, unless you want to have it installed to a specific folder, you can leave that blank.


You may get a box asking if its okay to overwrite any files, if this is your first time installing anything on your domain name, confirm that its okay by clicking next.

The next screen you run across is the one asking for your admin information related to wordpress.

Complete the information and remember to save that as you will need that information to access wordpress. 

After you completed the information, click next. In doing so it will start the installation process.

Once wordpress is installed, the site will take to a page that states installation was successful, and provides your admin login information again.

Congratulations, you have now installed wordpress.  One of the hardest things to do is getting started.

Now that you have wordpress installed you may want to change the theme  (design of the site) or add additional features and functions to it through plugins, we go into some details regarding the two below.

Optional items


A WordPress plugin is a add on program that helps customize and enhances the functionality of your site.

There are thousands of wordpress plugins doing everything you can imagine.

Some of the plugins are free, others are freemium, meaning that they offer a portion of it free while requiring a fee for upgraded parts of it and the other set are paid plugins which require a payment before being able to download and install.

You can search and find plugins through the site that you setup and installed wordpress on by logging into the wordpress admin section of your site then clicking on plugin then click on

Add New and then searching by either the plugin name or keyword word. Once you find the plugin that your looking for or would like click on install on, after its done installing, you should have the option to active the plugin, if your ready to run the plugin select activate.

Some plugins may take you to their admin page for you to configure them more, others will start running. In either case the plugin is installed and ready to work on your site.


A wordpress theme is basically the website template/design.

When someone comes to your site, the first things they will see is your website design/them. One of the great things about wordpress is how much flexibility there is with the program.

Depending on the objectives of your website you can find a theme that complements your objectives.

For example if your running a content site, there are themes that help display your content to your visitors better than some other sites. If your running a corporate site, there are themes for that as well.

Cost of Themes

WordPress Themes are either, free or paid. There is no freemium model for wordpress themes.

While you can find a decent theme for free, you are most likely going to have to pay for the WordPress theme that you like.

One of the good things is that they are not that expensive, unless you go with the custom coded theme you are likely to find a wordpress theme for under $100.

Where to find themes

There are sites that sell themes that they built, usually those sites have specific type themed designs, they also tend to have a limited selection.

A great site to find your theme that you may like is at Themeforest is a directory of themes that designers submitted to them for sale. You can view the theme, and demo it as well in many cases.

Another site is Similar to Themeforst, coders submit their theme to wordpress where users can download and install the themes on their site.

The majority of the themes here are free to download and use, the downside is that some of them are not as nicely designed or elaborate as the paid themes.

However if your starting out and not sure the direction of your site, you just want to test a few themes out, the site is your best bet.


Getting started isn’t easy but we hope our step by step wordpress installation guide has been helpful and covered everything to get you started with your own wordpress blog.

If you ran into any issue whether with our guide, or something, we would like to hear from you. Additionally, if our guide was helpful we would also like to hear from you.