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Since the internet started, people have been making money online and searching for ways to make money online. One of the ways to make money online, that is legal, doesn’t cost you any money and can be done from your home or your phone. That is, taking online surveys, one of the largest survey sites is InboxDollars. We have been using InboxDollars for the last two months, and now we will provide you with the good and the bad in detail with our InboxDollar Review

There are many reasons why people want to make additional money, heck, who couldn’t use a couple extra dollars. If your looking to make money online and are looking at survey sites to make you rich or cover your monthly rent, unfortunately, you’ll be disappointed. Now If your looking to make a $100 to help pay off your debt or have some extra gas money, then you’ll do fine with survey sites.

What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars is a an online company that pays users to read emails, complete surveys, watch videos, play online games and much more. The site was started in 2000. Since they have started they have paid out more then $60 million dollars to its members.


How much can you make from InboxDollars?

You can make up to $5.00 for completing a survey, they vary from survey to survey, the majority of them are under $1.00 and they vary in time to complete from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Not all surveys that take longer to complete, pay out more. length of time to complete does not seem to determine the payout amount. The topics of the survey do.

Can you make money with InboxDollars? Yes you can make money with InboxDollars, however, if your expecting to get rich, pay your rent, this is probably the wrong site for you then. Its great for taking survey and have extra money to pay down debt or to have some gas money. Depending on the time you devote to taking surveys and the amount of survey payout, you may make $3-$5 a day, maybe more. On a good day we made $5 in about 2 hours. Not great money. It adds up and there is no cost to apply for the surveys, additionally, you can do it at your leisure, which is probably one of the greatest benefits of it. You don’t have to be tied down to a certain number of hours. Whenever, you have free time, you can take a survey.

The Positives of InboxDollars

There are many positives aspects of Inboxdollars which makes it easy and helpful to complete their surveys and make additional income

  1. Great App – They have an app that allows to you take surveys on the go, when you have a chance, the surveys come through great for the most part. Some if having multiple columns that require an answer can cause some issues, otherwise the app makes InboxDollars stand out.
  2. Payment – The first payment took about 10 days to get from the time it was requested. After the first payment is made, they bump your account status, which allows faster payments. Once requested, payment is made on the following Wednesday. They make payments to your paypal account. They also have the option of requesting a check. We have requested multiple payouts and there has never been an issue.
  3. Low Payout limit – In order to request a payment, you need to earn $30, there are other sites that have higher thresholds which can be discouraging.
  4. Multiple ways to Earn – Besides taking surveys, you can make money using their search engine, playing games, watching videos, completing offers and many more.


Payment Tip!

Your first payment will take about 10 days, after words they upgrade you and your payouts are fast. I usually submit a payment request on Saturday afternoon and the payment is made on Wednesday. All payments are made on Wednesdays from InboxDollars.


The Negatives of InboxDollars

While we listed the positives above, we also ran into issues or things that we found irritating.

  • Multiple Qualifiers – A lot of surveys have a set of qualifying questions, which you enter and if you qualify take you to the survey, which often asks the same questions over again Questions such as age, children in household, location and many others depending on the survey. There was a couple times where we entered the qualifying questions 5 times before exiting out of a survey. The other issue is that your spending time answering qualifying questions, your not really getting paid for that survey or your time.
  • Low survey payments – The amount you can make taking surveys vary, from .25 to $5.00. They majority of surveys pay under $1.00. So as we stated before, if your thinking of striking it rich on surveys look somewhere else.
  • Completing Surveys and not getting paid – There are some surveys that it seems you complete and then they tell you that you didn’t qualify, it doesn’t happen often but it has happened before. Its not that I’ve missed a attention question either. Those are questions that are scattered in the surveys to make sure your paying attention.
  • $3 Fee – When you request a payment, the take $3 from your total. They give it back to you in form of account credit for your balance, which is their way of having you coming back and completing more surveys. So if you earned $40, you’ll only see $37 when you get paid and $3.00 will go back into your account.


How much we made – In a course of 2 months we made over $200. About $30-40 every 2 weeks. Like we mentioned before, its not great money, but it does pay for gas, or it can be applied towards debt. You can do it in the convenience of your own home. Which is a huge positive. 


Our overall take of InboxDollars.

If your looking to make some extra money during a time that is convent for you, then you’ll need to try out InboxDollars. You earn money completing surveys, offers, playing games and watching videos. Once you reach $30, you have request your payment. They have payment out options via Paypal or via a check mailed to your home. It won’t make you rich, but it can help generate some extra cash either to pay down debt or have a dinner night out

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