Being in debt, having bad credit and needing help is not something you need to be embarrassed about. One of the great things about the internet is how much access to information you have at your fingertips, where you can find individuals in similar situations and predicaments.

One great thing about being around people in similar situations is the information that is shared between individuals. How did the credit repair company work? Did the Goodwill letter help? Maybe they have other unique ideals that you didn’t think of which can help clean up your credit

What is a Credit forum?

A credit forum is an online gathering space (forum) where people discuss a certain topic. In terms of credit forums, the topic center around credit cards, credit repair, debt consolidation and ways to improve and clean up a person’s credit history.  People post questions and other respond and provided them with information and answers. A forum is a great place to gather information, ask questions and get advice.

CreditBoards is one of the oldest credit forums. The forum was started in 2003 and is still pretty active. One of the main issues with many forums is that they are not active, you sign up and post your question or comment and then all you hear is crickets. That’s not the case with CreditBoards. The topics covered on the forum range from credit news to Bankruptcy, loan modifications, debt consolidation and many other credit related topics. The forum is free to use, all you have to do is sign up for the forum.  The design and layout does feel a bit dated but if you care more about the information then the design then you should check this forum out.

MyFico Forum

The MyFico forum is part of the MyFico website, which is part of the Fair Isaac company. The creators of the Fico score, otherwise known as your credit score. The company pushes their product offering pretty heavily. Which is a monthly credit service, reporting, scores, identiy protection and much more. You don’t need to sign up for any of their products or services in order to use the forum. You do need to click on Community then scroll down half way and click on Register Here.  The design and layout of the forum seems pretty moden. The forum is also very active. There are 303,534 members and over 4,800,000 posts credit on the forum. So if you have any questions, you should have no problem getting them answered. The topics covered on the forum rate from credit cards, rebuilding your credit, bankruptcy but also on other topics not covered at many credit forums such as relationships and money along with personal finance.


The CreditInfoCenter is a very resourceful forum if you look for information on dealing with credit card companies. There is a lot of information and support related to dealing with financial institutions and dealing with debt. However, there forum isn’t very active anymore. There are sections that haven’t received a new post or reply in months. So, if you post your question and are looking for a quick turnaround, you are not likely to get it at this forum. However, I would use the forum for reach. There is a wealth of information that you can read and study up on. The topics covered on the forum are Credit Repair, Collection, Credit Bureaus/Reports/Bankruptcy, Mortgages and many other related topics.


Reddit maybe a weird place to search for credit repair and personal finance information but it shouldn’t be. Reddit is one of the top trafficked websites.  There are 26.4 Million Americans that Use Redditt Monthly, the site has 330 million monthly active users. With that type of audience you will get a range of people who’s experience, history and interest will cover a range of topics. While the site has lots of interest information and questions, there isn’t a good index or categorization of information on the site. One post may cover being denied for a credit card and the next post will be a credit card meme.  The way reddit works is that topics are organized into what they call subreddits. Below are two credit related subreddits.


The Redditt subreddit forum of r/CRedit has 96.6 members. The forum was started in 2008. The forum is pretty activity and questions get many responses and relatively quickly. If you have a question related to your credit, repairing your credit, or dealing with credit card company or even getting an opinion, this place is for you. The community is very supportive and helpful.


The r/CreditCards Redditt subreditt on credit cards was started on September 14, 2008. The forum is fairly active with 870K Members. The subreddit is dedicated to everything credit card related. Most posts are about applying for certain credit cards, how student loans impact credit scores, along with guidance on which credit cards to use or apply. There is also a fair amount of credit card news, the latest promotions and deals. Like other redditt forums, there is a wealth of information, however its very unorganized. There is a search option which helps if you are looking for something specific like Chase Credit Card Reviews, not sure if its helpful in other situations. My biggest takeaway is that I wish Redditt was better organized. 

Which Forum should you use?

There is nothing stopping you from using all 4 forums and boards. You may come across a piece of information that is helpful or useful on one that you don’t see on the other. That being said, not everyone has time to spend on 4 credit forums. If your time is limited, I would spend time on the MyFico forum, which is the largest and most active form. On a larger and more active forum you are more likely to get your question answered, find resources that you are looking for and get the help that you need.


Forums are online gathering places, many of them of centered around certain topics. We covered the most popular credit forums. Where you can get information related to credit repairs, building credit, and getting your credit related questions answered. Which every forum you decided to use, there is nothing wrong with seeking out information and help. Researching credit repair ideas on a credit forum maybe the first baby step you need to take to putting you on path to getting your credit history repaired.