About US

Company overview

CreditRevo is a financial resource for individuals struggling with low/bad credit. You don’t have to find out first hand which company does not work or is not worth it.  We have over 20 years of business and financial markets experience so we have a strong insight on what works and what does not, we know what to look for when it comes to selecting a company to help resolve your credit issues.

We achieved our success in our industry and now we want to relay what learned from our experience through this site and through our blog on our site. Besides repairing your credit there is much more to accomplish in order to be a strong financial footing.

CreditRevo was started by Marshall Armond. He has a BA in Economics from Michigan State University and over 20 years of working in financial institutions.

CreditRevo continues to help individual improve their credit scores and clean up their credit history. We also provide financial insight that you can use every day to improve your financial standing. We cover topics related to improving your credit and your personal finances.

Our mission

Our mission to you are the following:

  • Provide financial insight that you can use everyday
  • Review credit repair companies
  • Provide a guide to help clean your credit history
  • Help be your financial resource and guide
  • Helping individuals get back on their feet financially.

Our Approach

There are many companies that offer Credit Repair Services, they very in terms of services offered and fees that they charge. They also very in terms of the quality of services that they provide. Needless to say,  there is a lot that a person has to consider before hiring a Credit Repair Company and the last thing you want to do is hire a company that won’t perform the services they promised, which will only waste your money and worst of all your time.

We take a consumer focuses approach to reviewing Credit Repair Companies. We understand the importance of credit scores, how it impacts all aspect of a person’s life and if your hiring a company to help clean up your credit you want to hire one that does what it says, works and one that doesn’t charge an arm and leg to help clean up your credit history.

The Credit Repair Companies that we review we hire to repair credit histories of individuals that we associate with, we have firsthand experience with their services. We then base our review on several factors that are impactful.

Because of our extensive research, we have a unique view of credit repair companies and therefore able to give the most accurate reviews of Credit Repair Companies